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Audio Experts guiding principle is simple – exceed customer expectations. Our success is based on personalized attention, integrity, and a high level of service. Experience the rewards of a system we create specifically for you – just sit back and enjoy.

Home Theater Install

Whatever your budget, we will custom design a home system to fit your needs. Once your new system is installed, you’ll appreciate our attention to detail, aesthetics, and the intuitive way it works for you. You will also appreciate our passion for what we do and the unparalleled support we provide. We provide the system design, the equipment, and installation as well as a lifetime of service for your custom home system including:
Surround Sound Systems • Whole House audio/video • Home Theater & 3DTV • Outdoor Entertainment • Computer Networking • Security Cameras • Lutron Lighting and shading control • Smart Energy Management • Automated Window Shades

Home Video Install

Audio Experts can design the perfect A/V system for your Family Room, Theater, Guest room or Bedroom to suit your taste, budget and aspirations.

Home Audio

Audio Experts offers Hard wired and wireless systems, HiFi audio components, speakers and cables that have been carefully selected to give you the very best sound reproduction and allow you to bring something into your life that you will enjoy forever.

Home Automation

When you think of home automation, do you think of hobbyists that make lights go off and on or flash by pushing a button? That was the extent of automation just a few years ago. Today, consumers have homes with sprinkler systems, security systems, fireplace operation with the touch of a remote, HVAC systems, lighting systems, etc. . You name it. Die haftreibungskraft kann vergrößert werden durch vergrößerung der normalkraft, aufrauung der berührungsflächen. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could control all of these systems from a single point, be it an in-wall touch-panel, or from an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone? Automation makes it possible.

 Home Security

We can help you design and install any kind of closed circuit television system using the latest in technology. Analog DVR’s and cameras are becoming passé. The latest systems use digital NVR’s and IP cameras. Where is was necessary in the past to run both an RG59 and a power cable, today’s cameras work on CAT6 cable. Just a single cable will handle it all. People are using CCTV systems with remote viewing to make sure their houses or commercial properties are safe from crimes of burglary break-ins. , or fire. We can design and install a security system that starts recording on a DVR as soon as the cameras detect any movement. The DVR’s are connected to the internet and you can view your house or retail shop from anywhere in the world.